Who Is Jeffree Star Dating?
Who Is Jeffree Star Dating?

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating Right Now?

American YouTuber, cosmetics artist, and former singer-songwriter Jeffree Star. He is well-known for his showy appearance, androgynous fashion sense, and celebrity feuds.

When MySpace was still a thing, Jeffree Star’s account was one of the most well-known. He communicated with fans, followers, and other creatives through the app. Star used MySpace to advance his career in music and fashion design.

After finding success on MySpace, Jeffree Star launched a solo music career. He toured and released original music, concentrating more on the pop and electronica genres. Early in his career, he became a hot issue, and in 2010, he finally signed with Akon’s Konvict Muzik.

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Star eventually gave up music in 2013 since he never got off to a successful start with the music he envisioned when he signed with Konvict Muzik. Since then, Star has given YouTube his full attention, building a subscriber base of over 17 million people.

Videos on his channel promote Jeffree Star Cosmetics, an online beauty retailer. Star has generated millions of dollars from ad sales and other endeavors due to his YouTube channel. So you can be sure he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating Right Now?

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating Right Now?

Jeffree Star seems to be introducing a new boyfriend, and he seems to be hinting that the person is a professional athlete.

The 37-year-old beauty expert took to social media to post a picture of his new “#NFL boo” and him holding hands as they boarded a plane to return to his property in Wyoming.

In the image, Jeffree can easily hold another hand while sporting his recognizable tattoos and blinged-out fingernails. However, it ends below their waists, leaving only their legs visible.

He captioned, “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.”

The photo was taken more than two years after Jeffree’s last reported relationship and as he is starting back up with makeup reviews.

Basketball player Andre Marhold was Jeffree’s most recent lover, whom he dated in 2020. However, the YouTuber got into a violent argument when he claimed that his ex had been stealing from him.

The celebrity’s longest-known relationship lasted five years before ending in January 2020 with Nathan Schwandt.

He later went out with a Big Brother contestant and dealt with rumors that he was dating a well-known rapper who was still married at the time. Jeffree asserted that other rappers had hit him up amid the reports.

In case you missed it, Jeffree recently criticized his old friends in the beauty industry.

View Jeffree Star’s relationship in the post below.

Has Jeffree Star Ever Been Romantically Involved With An Athlete?

There is at least one confirmed relationship between Jeffree Star and a well-known athlete. Andre Marhold, an American basketball player, is the subject of our conversation.

Sometime in the year 2020, Marhold and Star became together. Their romance had a similar beginning to that of Star and his present “NFL Boo.” The well-known YouTuber and socialite shared a photo of Star sitting on his lap with Marhold and them.

Then, through a variety of distinctive tattoos, he noticed fans went on to identify Marhold. After the outing, both parties opened up more in their relationship and frequently shared photos on social media. However, the couple is no longer together and is going their way.

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