Jonathan Groff Dating History
Jonathan Groff Dating History

Jonathan Groff Dating History Over The Years

We applaud actors who transition from stage to movie, but nearly no one has done it as well as Jonathan Groff, a star in both.

He debuted in Spring Awakening as Melchior and eventually took over our screens as Jesse St. James in Glee, working alongside Lea Michele in both roles.

Jonathan’s dating life started to pick up speed as soon as he came out as gay. Jonathan Groff has dated several prominent actors and celebrities, some of whom he even worked with.

Now that Jonathan is starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin opposite fellow LGBTQ+ actor Ben Aldridge as a husband, we’re eager to learn a bit more about Jonathan Groff dating history.

Jonathan Groff’s Dating History Has Been Sparse Throughout The Years

Despite some fans’ speculations, no one was initially aware of Jonathan’s secret love life until he came out as gay in October 2009. When a reporter directly questioned Jonathan about his sexuality during the National Equality March, he came out.

Jonathan Groff Dating History Over The Years

Since then, he has frequently discussed his coming-out experience and how challenging it was. In the HBO documentary Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known, he stated, “Coming from a religious culture, surrounded by the Amish, I felt… ashamed of who I was.

Before Jonathan came out, Lea Michele had a severe crush on him. It is not surprising that these feelings persisted since their onstage personas had to fall in love.

Therefore, Lea Michele claimed in the document that when she challenged him, “I just saw this look in his eyes… This is the end I recognized at that precise moment, and I need to save it. It’s tense right now. They continued to be great friends after that, but they never started dating.

In 2009, Jonathan And Gavin Creel Were Initially Connected

Jonathan came out as gay in 2009, when he was only 24 years old and dating Gavin Creel, who accompanied him to the march on Washington.

But before that, he had a lover who was still unidentified for three and a half years. Jonathan went alone from Spring Awakening to Florence, where he wrote about his boyfriend in his journal for the first time.

He admitted to FourTwoNine, “I knew right then and there that I was going to come out of the closet.” “I returned home and initially told my family that I was gay. Then, my pals. Then I broke up with that partner and left the apartment we were ‘roommates’ in. Although their relationship couldn’t survive long, dating Gavin nevertheless assisted Jonathan in coming out.

Gavin, like Jonathan, is an actor who has worked in both theatre and film. He is best known for his roles in the West End productions of The Book of Mormon and Hair, but he has also made appearances in a few episodes of American Horror Stories.

Jonathan Famously Dated Actor Zachary Quinto After Gavin

The fact that Jonathan’s dating history resembles Ryan Murphy’s cast lists is its best feature. Jonathan dated Zachary Quinto, the star of American Horror Story, from 2010 to 2013.

In 2012, he told Out magazine, “I’m lucky; I’m thrilled.” I noticed a pattern of being drawn to unreachable people, and I later realized this was a form of self-defense since I associated connection and love with trauma and death.

But the famous couple divorced peacefully in 2013. “Zach’s absence and the filming were difficult for them, “A source told Us Weekly at the time. “He will soon be in New York performing his most recent piece, The Glass Menagerie. Since they genuinely loved one another, breaking up wasn’t simple. Just let things run their course.

Jonathan’s Last Known Relationship Was With Choreographer Corey Baker

By 2018, Jonathan had moved on from his romance with Zachary and was afterward enjoying a relationship with choreographer Corey Baker. In an interview with the New York Times, Jonathan talked about his friendship with Corey and his comeback to the stage in Little Shop of Horrors.

Corey Baker and Jonathan Groff got to know one another while Corey was a camp counselor in New Zealand for a musical theatre summer program.


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Jonathan joked that his mother *almost* ruined his chances with Corey as he recounted their romance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The first time James and I dated was friendly and very high school, said Jonathan.

There was kissing, but after that, I would deliver him to his mother’s place. It was traditional. He indicated to a standing ovation in the audience, “It built up a lot of great tension that paid off later.

Although neither has gone into great detail about their split, it was reportedly in 2020. Although there was a Tumblr rumor that Jonathan admitted to dating someone while filming in Berlin for his April 2021 Penn State presentation, as far as we are aware, Jonathan is currently unmarried.

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