Travis Kelce Dating History
Travis Kelce Dating History

Here Is Everything About Travis Kelce Dating History

The Kansas City club fans are thrilled that they will play in the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023. Travis Kelce is one of the team’s most significant stars besides Patrick Mahomes.

The two are friends and teammates, and they like taking trips together in the off-season. They told The Kansas City Star that they give each other credit for their accomplishments on the field.

Although Patrick and his wife, Brittany, are settled, Travis hasn’t made it down the aisle yet. How about the tight end’s date? Here are some details regarding the NFL player’s romantic past, present, and possibly future.

Travis Kelce’s Dating History Includes Breaking Up And Making Up With Kayla Nicole


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On his Instagram, Travis doesn’t seem to disclose a lot about his personal life. Page Six claims that the professional athlete and Kayla Nicole were linked back in 2017, even though they allegedly broke up at least once.

In December 2020, the Super Bowl-bound celebrity told TMZ about Kayla, “She’s the finest. She is the best in the world. So who is the fortunate woman who managed to win Travis’ heart over five years?

She graduated from Pepperdine University, according to Us Weekly, and now works as an athlete interviewer for companies like ESPN and Barstool Sports.

The couple first connected on Instagram, where Kayla, a model who has also worked, said they had been “insta-flirting” for a few months.

She has even grown close friends with Brittany; the two WAGS used to work out together as recently as January 2023. They routinely walk red carpets together. I’ll explain later why that’s pretty scandalous. First of all, Travis’ history with women is quite fascinating.

Travis Participated In A Reality Dating Programme Before Meeting Kayla

Travis appeared on the E! reality program Chasing Kelce in 2016. The NFL player chose Kentucky native Maya Benberry in the end zone during the competition series.

Although he commented that his future partner seemed a bit arrogant, he added on the show’s conclusion, “I have always been drawn to ladies like that, and previous relationships didn’t succeed because of that. According to E! News, Travis ultimately left with Maya, saying, “I don’t want that anymore.”

However, the relationship ended after eight months, and Travis soon moved on with Kayla. Fans believe he is dating someone else after allegedly breaking up with Kayla in the fall of 2022.

Is Travis Dating Someone New?

Here Is Everything About Travis Kelce Dating History

We don’t know the athlete’s position on marriage, but according to Republic World, Kayla has previously intimated on social media that she is “ready to be a bride.”

Going to the chapel doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the couple, however, as reports surfaced that the Chiefs player broke up with Kayla at the end of 2022 — even though she appeared to be still attending games in October, per her Instagram — and began dating Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall, according to Barstool Sports.

Travis and Zuri have not acknowledged or refuted rumors that they are dating. However, according to several media publications, Travis and Kayla are not dating as the Super Bowl approaches, and Travis has confirmed that he is single. “I’m currently operating in the free market. I’m out there living it up and concentrating on my career. I’ve got my feet up outside of football,” he remarked on the Pivot podcast early in the new year, according to Just Jared.

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