Shania Twain Sick

Shania Twain Sick: What Were The Symptoms Of Her Illness?

Shania Twain has overcome several significant health problems throughout her career, including battles with Lyme disease and dysphonia.

Which cost the singer her distinctive, powerful country-pop voice and forced her to take a long break in the early and mid-2000s. In 2018, she underwent throat surgery to strengthen her frail nerves.

But in a recent interview with The Mirror of England, the “Man! The I Feel Like a Woman! Star said she had to be evacuated to a Swiss hospital because she was so ill during the pandemic.

“It was becoming worse and worse. When Twain contracted COVID pneumonia during the worldwide pandemic while visiting Lake Geneva, Switzerland, she became so ill that she could scarcely breathe and that her vital signs were deteriorating to the point where I had to be airlifted out of the area.

She described the bizarre helicopter flight to a nearby health clinic as “science fiction; I felt like I was going to another planet or something.”

Everything seemed to happen slowly. Fortunately, Frédéric Thiébaud, a Swiss executive for Nestlé, was there with her throughout the medical crisis, scurrying to find a scarce bed for his sick wife, according to Twain.

Sincerely, my hubby was in a panic. When he rushed to ask for her assistance, she claimed, “He was anxious since he had to pull it all together.

He talked on the phone for hours each day, trying to arrange an air evacuation, find a bed because there weren’t any, and monitor my vital signs. For him, it was simply a nightmare.

Twain, 57, claimed that following a terrifying episode, she was isolated and given plasma therapy medications once they had located a bed.

“It was a perilous period and quite scary,” she recalled. “It took several days to start building any antibodies.” “I survived, and I’m just so appreciative.”

Twain quickly recovered and started writing on her upcoming sixth studio album, Queen of Me, which is scheduled to be released on Friday (Feb. 3).

What Were The Symptoms Of Shania Twain Sick?

Twain claimed to have had Lyme illness in 2003 after being bitten by a tick while riding a horse.

“Because I was on stage feeling quite dizzy before diagnosis, my symptoms were alarming. I was wobbling and slipping.

Shania Twain Sick

I was concerned I could trip and fall off the stage, “stated Twain. I would get these extremely brief blackouts every minute or thirty seconds.

The illness’s damage to Twain’s voice was one of the most distressing signs. “My voice had changed forever. I believed I had permanently lost my voice “She spoke.

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It took a doctor “a good 6 or 7 years before he was able to discover out that I had experienced nerve damage to my vocal chords, directly caused by Lyme illness,” Twain said in a TV interview.

Twain began to think she would never be able to sing once more. She underwent two “open throat” vocal cord surgeries and vocal therapy and eventually began to regain her voice.

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