Willie Robertsons Children
Willie Robertsons Children

Who Are Willie Robertsons Children? Where Are His’s Children Now?

Even though Duck Dynasty’s final episode aired years ago, the Robertson family is still expanding.

The family of Willie Robertson and his wife Korie, who first appeared on television with their already enormous offspring, has only grown. The oldest of the couple’s six children is raising the Robertson family.

All of Willie and Korie’s children are now located here.

Who Are Willie Robertsons Children?

Willie Robertson is not only a well-known television personality, but he is also the father of six children.

John Luke

John Luke, 24, the oldest of Willie and Korie’s biological children, grew up watching Duck Dynasty. In June 2015, the program included his high school graduation and union with Mary Kate McEachern. John Luke is currently enrolled at Liberty University, pursuing his Camping Outdoor and Adventure Leadership degree.

At the Christian sleep-away camp John Luke attended as a child, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, he has also advanced to the camp director position. The couple’s first child, John Shepherd, was born in October 2019.


The eldest biological child of Willie transformed her time spent on reality television into a career as an influencer. In Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars, she made an appearance. She and her partner placed as the first runners-up.

She briefly dabbled in acting with parts in God’s Not Dead two and I’m Not Ashamed. Christian Huff and Sadie were wed in November 2019.

Sadie keeps her followers updated on her life on her 3.7 million-strong Instagram and her almost 350,000-strong YouTube channel. Sadie wed Christian Huff in 2019, and in May 2021, they had a daughter they named Honey.


The youngest of the biological children is Bella. Since Duck Dynasty ended, the now-18-year-old has kept a very quiet profile, only infrequently making appearances in her sister’s YouTube videos.

The only time Bella appeared on-screen was when she joined her sister in the movie I’m Not Ashamed. Bella married Jacob Mayo in June 2021. The couple dated for six months before getting engaged in November 2020.


Rebecca is not technically the Robertson family’s daughter;  she is their foster child. When Rebecca was 16 years old, Willie and Korie welcomed her as part of her study abroad program. This was Rebecca’s first time staying with the couple.

“She was an exchange student from Taiwan who came to live with us when she was 16. I have four young children, ages 2 to 6, and now I have a 16-year-old who doesn’t speak English. What am I going to do?” Korie stated in a Focus on the Family interview.

According to Korie, Rebecca “simply became one of ours” because they enjoyed having her around so much that they welcomed her back for her senior year.

According to Gospel Herald, Korie, and Rebecca co-own and operate the Duck and Dressing shop in Monroe, Louisiana. Willie led her down the aisle for her wedding in 2016, and the Robertson family was present.


When he was five weeks old, the Robertsons welcomed their first adopted baby, “Little Will.” Will doesn’t appear on Duck Dynasty frequently because he isn’t as involved in the family business as other siblings. Instead, he made sporadic cameos on the show.

One of the last of Willie and Korie’s children to leave the nest, Will is set to graduate from high school.


Rowdy, Willie and Korie’s adopted son, is the newest member of the Robertson family. In January 2016, the family shared on Instagram that they had welcomed a new member, revealing that the 13-year-old had been living with them since May of the previous year.

The couple had already made hints that they were in the adoption process before officially announcing Rowdy’s adoption.

We are always interested in adoption, “Korie stated during the 2015 Angels in Adoption event. “Our family feels incredibly fortunate as a result of adoption. We are also very appreciative of both our biological and adopted children. Hence, “never say never.” That much is true.

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