Is John Ducey Gay?
Is John Ducey Gay?

Is John Ducey Gay? Is He Married?

I Believe in Santa on Netflix stars John Ducey. In the Christmas movie, the couple Tom (Ducey) and Lisa (Christina) begin dating after meeting on Lisa’s favorite holiday, Independence Day.

Lisa almost leaves because of Tom’s fixation with Christmas, but she decides to stay. In addition to having a Christmas obsession, she learns that John Ducey also thinks that Santa Claus is honest.

It’s strange for an adult lawyer to think that gifts are sent all across the world for Christmas by a red-suited man with a wobbly tummy and white beard. Watch the movie to find out if the couple’s romance endures this fantastic concept.

Is John Ducey Gay?

Is John Ducey Gay? Is He Married?

It’s untrue to say that John Ducey is gay. As far as we know, John Ducey has always been straight and is not gay. John Ducey does embrace the LGBTQ+ community, though.

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For instance, Sachin Bhatt, a homosexual actor, was cast in one of the key supporting roles by I Believe in Santa writer John Ducey. Tom’s best pal, Assan, is portrayed by Bhatt. Although Assan is openly gay, the movie rarely brings up his sexuality.

Is John Ducey Married?

I Believe in Santa’s lead actors are a married couple. After being introduced through mutual acquaintances, Christina Moore and John Ducey began dating. The couple revealed to Joli Magazine that they found they had a lot of interests:

“One of the things we did on some of our dates was crossword puzzles because we both like crossword puzzles. Or we talked politics! We are dorks.”

2008 saw the union of John Ducey and Christina Moore. Emma Ashton, the daughter of Ducey and Rene Ashton, and Christina get along well.

Ducey and Christina Moore have made making and appearing in movies a couple’s affair. In 2018, the duo revealed to Joli Magazine that they had collaborated on 12 films. That number has grown and probably will keep growing.

The two have appeared in the movies American Fighter, Lady Driver, That’s Amor, and I Believe in Santa Claus from 2022. Christina Moore discussed the couple’s project approach with the publication:

“It’s all related to the industry, so instead, it’s, ‘Oh, should we act in the movies other people wrote or movies we wrote? Should we act in movies other people produced or we produced?’ The goal is to diversify, as opposed to trying to decide which one or the other. We think of them as train tracks running parallel, not in different directions.”

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