Malik Beasley Wife
Malik Beasley Wife

Malik Beasley Wife: Is He Married To Montana Yao?

Learn about the professional basketball player Malik Beasley Wife, who is presently playing for the NBA’s Utah Jazz.

Malik Beasley was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 26, 1996. He went to Saint Francis School and played college basketball for the Florida State Seminoles for one season.

In the 2016 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets selected Beasley 19th overall. He played with them for three and a half seasons until being moved to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Malik Beasley endured a setback in 2021 despite having a stellar career on the court when he was forced to serve 78 days of a 120-day jail term for a firearm-brandishing incident.

Despite this setback, Beasley still has a bright future as a talented and committed basketball player. He will keep establishing himself in professional basketball because of his quick reactions and remarkable agility.

Malik Beasley’s Wife: Is He Married To Montana Yao?


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Yes, Beasley is wed to Montana Yao, a businesswoman, and model born in Newport Beach, California, on August 5, 1997. Montana Yao is the daughter of a Chinese father and an English, Irish, and German-born mother.

She was raised in Pasadena, California, and graduated from Maranatha High School and Malibu High School. Yao has worked as a hostess for Duke Malibu and Catch NYC in addition to her modeling career.

The model’s mother and father share ownership of the well-known company JaggerEdge. Her father is a famous businessman.

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Malik and Montana make a great couple, and both have vital occupations. Thanks to their combined talents and diligence, they will continue establishing themselves in their respective sectors.

Does Malik Besley And His Wife, Montana Yao, Have Children Together?

Montana Yao and Malik Beasley are the delighted parents of two kids. The gender of their first kid, who was born on March 26, 2019, is unknown.

But on November 11, 2022, a daughter, their second child, was born. One of life’s most beautiful experiences is becoming a parent, and it appears that Beasley and Montana Yao are relishing every second of it.

Malik Beasley Wife: Is He Married To Montana Yao?

Beasley and Montana Yao are committed to giving their children a happy and healthy upbringing. Raising children and watching them grow is a genuinely fantastic experience.

Although the gender of their first kid is yet unknown, it is evident that their parents adore and cherish both of their children. They already have two kids, so their family will probably expand and prosper.

Who Are the parents of Malik Beasley?

Malik Beasley hails from a family with a long history in basketball. Deena Beasley, Malik’s mother, was previously wed to his father, Michael Beasley.

Michael played basketball professionally in several nations, including Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. John Beasley, Beasley’s grandfather, is a well-known film and television actor best recognized for his part in the classic movie Rudy.

Malik Beasley is one of three siblings—the other two are Darius and Micah—and it’s evident that they get along well. Beasley’s life and basketball career must have been significantly impacted by having a basketball player for a father and an actor for a grandfather.

Beasley’s interests and aspirations have probably been significantly influenced by his family’s love of basketball and the entertainment business. It’s little wonder that Beasley has accomplished much in his basketball career with such a caring and encouraging family.

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