Jared Goff Girlfriend

Jared Goff Girlfriend: When Did They Start Dating?

Since 2019, Jared Goff and Christen Harper have been dating. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has been exposed to the horrors of NFL fandom’s toxic culture because of her relationship with the quarterback.

The ESPN broadcaster Rachel DeMita’s podcast “Courtside Club” recently featured Harper. The model opened up about the reaction she encountered after a video of her celebrating the Lions’ season-opening triumph under Goff went viral.

Harper continued, saying she was “so mad” that she couldn’t see Goff fulfill his ambition. However, she emphasized that she was also pursuing her dream.

Who Is Kristen Harper, Jared Goff’s Girlfriend?

New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Christen Harper. She was one of the Swim Search winners the previous year. Sports Illustrated formally unveiled her as a rookie for 2022.

In June of this year, Harper and Jared Goff became engaged. With the Detroit Lions, Goff has had an intriguing offseason.

Jared Goff Girlfriend

Goff will make his third appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks this season after making two previous appearances with the Los Angeles Rams in 2016 and 2020.

Additionally, the Lions had some success in the drought. They secured the No. 2 pick in the draught after defeating the Green Bay Packers to end the season on a solid note.

Aidan Hutchinson, a tremendous defensive end for Michigan who came in second in the Heisman Trophy voting, was chosen.

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But there are still uncertainties around Goff’s future. Goff doesn’t fit the mold of a star quarterback who can change a franchise. Still lacking for the Lions is a quarterback they can develop in that style. The defensive unit’s lack of depth is also a problem.

The Lions are, interestingly, the only NFL team without a game in prime time this year.

When Did Kristen Harper And Jared Goff Start Dating?

After meeting with Raya, Jared and Christen started dating in 2019. She revealed to Sports Illustrated in November 2022: “At the moment, I was genuinely not seeking anything.

“I attempted to be single for a year after ending a lengthy relationship. The rest, as they say, is history, baby.

The couple became engaged in June 2022, and although a wedding date has not been made public, it is anticipated that they will wed in 2023.

The quarterback for the Detroit Lions in the NFL is Jared. Christen missed Jared’s first victory with the Lions for her Sports Illustrated photo shoot in 2021, which drew criticism.

Goff’s team defeated the Minnesota Vikings 29-27 after going the entire month of December without a victory.

Christen responded to the trolling by saying, “You can’t win. You are overly invested if you are in the game. That’s all you’ve known.

She wrote on Instagram in December 2022 that it had been “the finest year yet,” but she also added that she needed to improve her mental health and was “closing this year more myself than I started it.”

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