Emma Roberts Calls Out Mom For Sharing Photo Of Son's Face

Why Did Emma Roberts Calls Out Mom For Sharing Photo Of Son’s Face?

Rhodes, a 2-year-old kid who Emma Roberts and her ex, Garrett Hedlund, share, is their only child. Since having Rhodes in her life, Emma has kept a shallow profile and been careful about how much of her kid she revealed to the public.

Kelly Cunningham, Emma’s mother, has gotten into trouble by showing more of her son than Emma was comfortable with.

When Did Emma Post A Snapshot Of Herself Criticizing Her Mom On Her Instagram Story?

The complaint concerned a picture of Rhodes Kelly posted on Instagram last week without asking Emma’s permission.

Emma Roberts Calls Out Mom For Sharing Photo Of Son's Face

Emma wrote in her Stories, “When your mom uploads your son’s face without asking.” “But you love them both, so whatever,” was added.

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How Did The Fans See Emma’s Son’s Face For The First Time In The Photo?

The boy’s mother and father have never shared a full-face photograph of their child.

Rhodes, born in December 2020, was first seen in detail in Kelly’s snapshot that she posted to social media. Rhodes is pictured standing in a pile of green and yellow leaves while wearing fall-appropriate attire, including a green sweater and adorable little trousers.

Why Was Emma More Upset Than Her Mother?

Kelly published a snapshot of Emma’s call out to her Instagram grid in response to Emma calling her out on her Instagram Stories.

“The fight goes on!” Kelly added a caption. I adore you, Q! Touche.'”

Why Did Kelly Inappropriately Interfere In Emma’s Life In The First Place?

During a visit to Jimmy Kimmel in 2020 for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Emma said that her mother had told the world she was pregnant before she was able to and before she wanted the information to be made public.

“I was trying to keep my pregnancy quiet, but sadly, my mother has an Instagram account. Instagram and mothers don’t mix well, Roberts said to Jimmy Kimmel. “She broke the news.”

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