Rep. Peltola Applauds Defense Department For Shooting Down Arctic Circle Ufo

How Rep. Peltola Applauds Defense Department For Shooting Down Arctic Circle Ufo?

How Rep. Peltola Applauds Defense Department For Shooting Down Arctic Circle Ufo? Following the Biden administration’s announcement that the U.S. Department of Defense shot down an unidentified object over the Arctic Circle in Alaska at roughly 9:45 Alaskan time on Friday, Rep. Mary Sattler Peltola released a statement (1:45 p.m. – EST).

Peltola is an at-large representative in the House of Representatives and the first Alaska Native elected to office.

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, stated on Friday from the White House that the item was flying at 40,000 feet and presented a plausible threat to commercial aviation security.

President Biden authorized the shooting after receiving a recommendation from the Pentagon. It was estimated that the object was around the size of a compact car.

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It was discovered for the first time on Thursday night. The military found the use of ground-based radar by the item. After sending an F-35 jet to investigate, the military concluded that the object was unmanned.

What Information Did The Defense Department Give To Rep. Peltola’s Congressional Office Friday Morning?

Peltola stated, “I thank our military for their rapid and skilled operation to detect, study, and eliminate this object after determining that it was a possible threat operating in civilian airspace.

From Peltola’s office: “This incident highlights the strategic significance of Alaska and the need to strengthen our Arctic defenses.

Rep. Peltola Applauds Defense Department for Shooting Down Arctic Circle UFO

Today, our outstanding pilots at Elmendorf and Eilson Air Force Bases demonstrated why they are essential links in defense of Alaska and the United States.”

“I anticipate answers from our military commanders regarding how unexplained objects have been allowed to enter our airspace in recent weeks, along with my other delegation members.

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Any other things of this type over Alaska require our attention. The Defense Department must thoroughly investigate and fill this domain knowledge gap.

It is not acceptable for American airspace to continue to be violated, “Peltola declared.

Less than a week had passed since the military shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

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