Nihmune Face Reveal
Nihmune Face Reveal

Akuma Nihmune Face Reveal: What Is Her Net Worth?

On November 19, 2021, independent English Virtual YouTuber Akuma Nihmune debuted. She has a partner who also uploads videos to YouTube and Tiktok, and they also stream on Twitch. She is a musician who will release two EPs in 2021.

Half-demon, half-human Akuma Nihmune was banished from hell for being “too gentle.” She spends most of her time with her Noombas in arcades and alleys (fans).

Akuma Nihmune Face Reveal

Numi describes herself as a frightening 7’13” seiso demon switch. Despite this, she is frequently criticized for being short, pretty, and degenerate in her discourse, which frequently ignores it. She has a great personality on stream, laughs a lot, and exudes positivity. The way they interact in conversation reveals that she is a mix of the terrible and the good.

She occasionally performs as a “Just Chatter,” but she also sings, composes music, hosts virtual reality streams, and does other bizarre stuff. She enjoys the responses she gets when she shares her fantastic real-life experiences and cherishes her relationships with her chat. She hasn’t, however, made her face publicly visible online.

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When Did Nihmune Start Her Career?

Nihmune is a virtual YouTuber who is independent. She hasn’t sought assistance from a significant VTuber agency, in contrast to most VTubers, in her quest for online success. On November 19, 2021, she made her debut and hasn’t looked back since.

Although making her debut in November, she has performed on regular broadcasts. She already had more than 15k Twitch followers at her debut. She surpassed 35k followers on the live-streaming network by the end of that year. She performs a variety of broadcasts as a virtual YouTuber, from reacting to online content to playing video games. She prominently streams well-known video games like Friday the 13th: The Game, Persona 4 Golden, and The Forest.

She became well-known, though, primarily due to her amusing live streaming. She averages over 3k concurrent viewers when she streams, which she does a few times per week. She currently has more than 195k Twitch followers.

Nihmune Face Reveal
Nihmune Face Reveal

Even though she has 205k subscribers on her YouTube channel, she uses this medium only to share videos from Twitch live streams and her songs. She has been producing songs regularly for a while now.

She has, in fact, already put out an album and two EPs. In June 2022, Bring Me Home; her debut album, was released. Her most well-known song is CPR, which has received over 1.3 million Spotify streams.

What Is Nihmune’s Net Worth?

Nihmune has a $200 000 net worth (estimated). Twitch and music are her primary sources of income. She earns money through various features as a member of the Twitch Partner Program. She primarily makes money from advertisements, donations, and cheers. She also earns additional money through subscription plans and private sponsorships.

She now has 4,727 active paying subscribers, according to TwitchTracker. She can calculate that she makes at least $11,000 monthly from memberships alone. If she successfully finds a sponsor for one of her streams, her income will increase even more.

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