Who Is Inej Ghafa

Who Is Inej Ghafa? Who Plays Her In “Shadow And Bone” Season 2?

During her journey to Ravka with Kaz and Jesper to capture the Sun Saint in the Shadow and Bone books, gang member Inej Ghafa learns that doing so goes against her moral principles.

Who Is Inej Ghafa?

The Wraith is 16-year-old Ravka-based Suli girl Inej Ghafa. She works as a spy for the Dregs and is the most dreaded assassin in Ketterdam.

Who Is Inej Ghafa

She is incredibly agile and graceful because of her experience performing tightrope walking in a circus. She is the most pious and superstitious Crow, except for Matthias.

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She prefers using knives as weapons and never leaves the house without six essential blades. She was duped into working at the Menagerie brothel after being abducted by slavers, and Kaz eventually purchased her indenture there. He has served her time as a Dregs spy for Kaz, and she is now free to go wherever she wants or go home.

Who Plays Inej Ghafa In “Shadow And Bone” Season 2?

English actress Amita Suman has Nepalese origin. She portrays Inej Ghafa in Shadow and Bone.

Due to her upbringing in a family of native Bhojpuri speakers in the Kalikamai Rural Municipality of the Parsa District in southern Nepal, Suman is a native speaker of the language.

She attended Birgunj’s Saint Xavier’s School. At seven, Suman’s family relocated to Brighton, England. Shortly after graduating college, Suman made her television debut with cameos on Casualty and Ackley Bridge.

She portrayed a younger version of Umbreen, Yasmin Khan’s grandmother, in the episode “Demons of Punjab” from the eleventh season. During the second season of The Outpost on the CW, Suman replaced Medalion Rahimi in the recurring role of Naya.

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