Trace Adkins Illness

Trace Adkins Illness: How Did He Get Back Into Music?

Trace Adkins is a well-known country music performer, actor, and author from the United States.

During his career, he has created several hit albums and singles, some of the most successful of which include “You’re Gonna Miss This,” “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” and “Women Love Country Guys.”

But, in recent years, Trace Adkins has struggled with some health issues, affecting his professional life. In this piece, we will look more in-depth at the sickness that Trace Adkins battled, its effects on his life, and his steps to improve.

How Do Trace Adkins’ Problems Relate To Illness And Health?

Trace Adkins was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010, a form of cancer affecting the lymphatic system.

He went through several cycles of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and at the beginning of 2011, he declared that he was cancer-free.

Trace Adkins Illness

Despite this, Trace Adkins was involved in a significant tour bus accident in 2014, which presented him with another health difficulty.

The tragedy occurred in West Virginia when the bus collided with a bridge, and as a result, several crew members sustained injuries.

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Fortunately, although Trace Adkins suffered a concussion as well as multiple scratches and bruises, he was able to make a full recovery from his injuries.

Trace Adkins has not only faced severe health issues, but he has also battled addiction, specifically drinking, and has been very open about his battles with both conditions.

To get help for his addiction problems, he checked himself into treatment for the third time in 2014.

How Did He Get Back Into Music?

Despite the difficulties he is experiencing with his health, Trace Adkins has not wavered in his will to triumph over them and resume his career in music.

After being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, he returned in 2011 with the album “Proud to Be Here,” which debuted at position two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

2017 marked the release of his album “Something’s Going On,” which, like his previous work, was met with favorable critical reception and debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Trace Adkins’ road to sobriety has not been smooth, but he has been forthright and candid about his issues and has used his experiences to motivate those going through something similar.

In 2019, he published the book “A Personal Stand: Observations and Views from a Freethinking Roughneck,” which recounts his life narrative from beginning to end, including his battles with substance abuse and his path to sobriety.

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