Are Sza And Bill Nye Dating
Are Sza And Bill Nye Dating

Are Sza And Bill Nye Dating? Know About Sza’s Dating History!

While we may not be familiar with the plot of Kill Bill, we are relatively sure that SZA did not date Bill Nye, the Science man.

Online dating rumors are nothing new for SZA, but the most recent one concerning her love past is possibly the oddest.

Memes have started to surface speculating about a potential ex-relationship with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, in the wake of the popularity of Kill Bill, a well-liked song from her most recent full-length release, SOS.

Bill Nye The Science Guy And Sza Relationship Memes Swirl Social Media

The speculations of a connection seem to have started on Tuesday, December 27, when a wry tweeter tweeted a few old pictures of the couple with the caption:

“wait. cause no one told me bill nye and sza were dating for 8 months,said The Notorious J.O.V.’s official account in a tweet.

SZA, on the other hand, appeared to find the memes amusing.

According to Aces Showbiz, the Broken Clocks singer posted about the claims in a now-deleted Instagram story, “To hell… yall gotta go to hell,” accompanied by three sobbing emojis.

No One Knows Who Sza’s Kill Bill Is About

While we can rule out Bill Nye, The Science Guy, there are no apparent suggestions for who Kill Bill was written about.

According to the lyric website Genius, the song references Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film of the same name, in which Uma Thurman plays an assassin who murders a former colleague.

Are Sza And Bill Nye Dating
Are Sza And Bill Nye Dating

SZA sings, in an apparent reference to the film, “I might kill my ex, not the best idea / His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?”

“I might kill my ex, I still love him, though / Rather be in jail than alone,” SZA continues on the track that has quickly amassed over 110 million Spotify streams.

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What We Know About Sza’s Dating History!

While it is possible that SZA had someone in mind while writing Kill Bill, it is difficult to say who because the singer keeps her personal life pretty quiet.

Maybe the most prominent dating rumor about SZA came in October 2020, when Canadian megastar Drake startled the world with Mr. Right Now.

When King Wow confessed, he tweeted, “used to date SZA back in ’08”.

In response to the eyebrow-rasing bar, SZA confirmed that the pair did have a fling in the 2000s, writing that it had taken place in 2009, though things were “all love all peace” between herself and Drake.

While the duo is technically ex-lovers, given the number of years that have elapsed since they were together, one would be astonished if Kill Bill was written about Drake.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy Is Recently Married

For Bill Nye, 2022 appears to have been a romantically successful year.

People reported that The Science Dude married writer and author Liza Mundy in a June spring ceremony in Washington, DC.

The duo is claimed to have first communicated via email, and Star Trek actor Robert Picardo was entrusted with officiating the ceremony at the Smithsonian Institute.

Before meeting Mundy, Nye was briefly married to artist Blair Tindall, albeit no record of a relationship between The Science Guy and SZA exists.

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