Lisa Raye McCoy Dating
Lisa Raye McCoy Dating

Who Is Lisa Raye McCoy Dating Right Now?

Every day is a buzz for Hollywood celebrities. Because of their followers’ devotion and curiosity, their relationship status and dating history are always in the news. This is the same with Lisa Raye McCoy, whose dating past has been a topic in everyone’s mouth.

Her social media followers and fans are curious about her love life, previous romances, and current situation.

Lisa Raye McCoy has previously dated and married two well-to-do American men on different career trajectories. Maybe you’re one of Lisa’s biggest fans, and you can’t wait to learn everything about her and her romantic gist.

Let’s get right into it. We’ll discuss Lisa Raye McCoy, her dating history, her marriage, and the rumors about her and her lovers here. Continue reading to find out more.

Who Is Lisa Raye McCoy Dating Right Now?

Who Is Lisa Raye McCoy Dating Right Now?

According to Media Take Out, Lisa Raye McCoy has a new boyfriend who goes by the moniker Yahweh The Holy Ghost. Yes, you read that correctly.

According to Media Take Out, here’s what we know about Yahweh’s Holy Ghost. According to the turban-wearing man, Yahweh claims to be an African Prince with access to millions of cash.

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And, we must concede, he is wealthy. Yahweh lives in a massive house in a tiny hamlet outside Charlotte, North Carolina. He also travels with a sizable entourage. However, Media Take Out could not discover where he received his money.

Lisa Raye McCoy’s Dating History

The TV diva prefers to keep her personal life and relationships quiet, but she has been in at least one connection. The actress is currently raising Kai Morae Pace as a single mother. She had her with Kenji Pace in 1989 while they were still together.

She married Tony Martin a few years later, but the marriage did not endure more than two years, and they divorced and separated in 1994, while the cause for their divorce remains unknown.

Lisa married Michael Misick, the well-known Chief Minister of the Turks & Caicos Islands, twelve years later in 2003. Their wedding was a colorful and lavish affair attended by 300 people.

They spent their honeymoon in many places and locations worldwide, including Dubai, Bali, and Jerusalem, to name a few.

When married, Lisa was mainly considered the First Lady of Turks and Caicos. Lisa’s second divorce in 14 years occurred in August 2008, when she and her husband divorced.

Michael Misick, on the other hand, resigned from office after being discovered to have committed several acts of corruption. He fled Turks and Caicos and was apprehended in Brazil, where he was brought to court.

Rumor has it that she dated four other men, including Gary Payton (a professional basketball player), Terry Norris (a professional American boxer and champion), Datari Turner (a producer and actor), and Alfred Sharpton (an American human rights activist and minister), despite Lisa’s claim that they were just friends. Keep an eye on us for more information like this,

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