Sam And Aaron Taylor Johnson Relationship Timeline
Sam And Aaron Taylor Johnson Relationship Timeline

Sam And Aaron Taylor Johnson Relationship Timeline: From Co-Star To Parents

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are a married couple with four children. Fans are drawn to the filmmaker and actor for two reasons. First and foremost, their connection has lasted since 2008.

Second, Sam and Aaron are 23 years apart in age. Aaron Taylor is 31 years old, and Sam is 55 years old.

In June 2022, the couple renewed their vows for their 10th wedding anniversary. “We renewed our vows to one another and confessed our love in front of our nearest and dearest friends and family. It was a celebration of love and joy!” Aaron wrote on Instagram alongside a photo from their ceremony. “A decade of marriage. It was a magical unforgettable day, and the sun did not stop shining on us both.. we are blessed beyond belief. Sammy, you are my love, life, soulmate, wife, world!”

Let’s look at the couple’s relationship timeline to see how the Nowhere Boy star and the film’s director met, fell in love, and raised a family together.

The Start of Sam And Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Relationship Is Hazy

According to People, the actor, then Aaron Johnson, and the director, then Sam Taylor-Wood, met while filming Nowhere Boy in 2008. Speaking to The Telegraph about Aaaron landing the role of young John Lennon, Sam shared, “I knew instantly – I could sense how much research he’d done already just by the way he was standing and the few words he uttered.”

Sam was already a mother of two daughters, Angelica and Jessie, and had recently divorced her first husband. Regarding Aaron, the math is a little hazy on his age at the time, but Insider reports that he was 18.

Aaron proposed to Sam shortly after the filming wrapped. He claimed, “We were quite professional,” but added, “I knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person.” “No funny business at all,” Sam told Harper’s Bazaar about the couple’s 2009 engagement.

But everyone on set was aware. And as soon as we were done, he announced his intention to marry me. We’d never been on a date, let alone kissed.”

In the 2019 interview, the pair said they’d never been apart in over a decade for more than a few days, which were “the darkest days.” And, indeed, Sam and Aaron have been busy constructing a life together throughout the years.

Sam And Aaron Married And Had Two Children Together

Sam and Aaron became pregnant parents in 2010. “Sam is indeed expecting the first child of her and Aaron. Both are incredibly delighted, “At the time, a spokeswoman stated. Romy Hero was born in 2012, and Wylda Rae was born in July 2010. Later in the same year, the couple decided to get married.

Sam And Aaron Taylor Johnson Relationship Timeline: From Co-Star To Parents

They both chose the last name Taylor-Johnson, which is interesting because he told the Evening Standard that he didn’t understand why women needed to assume men’s names. In the same way, she wanted to be a part of me, I did.

Sam, who has twice survived cancer, said to The Hollywood Reporter that she would be the unhappiest person and likely still be in an unhappy marriage if she gave second thoughts to other people about the couple’s extreme age difference.

People like to talk about it, she continued. Yes, but it functions better than my last marriage, I say. It has endured longer than many of my friends’ unions.

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