Francesca Farago Dating
Francesca Farago Dating

Is Too Hot To Handle Star Francesca Farago Still Dating TikTok Star Jesse Sullivan?

Francesca Farago, star of Too Hot to Handle, is returning to Netflix for yet another reality dating show, Perfect Match, which invites reality stars from other Netflix shows such as Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, The Circle, and more to attempt to find their “perfect match.”

However, because Francesca has been open about her relationship with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan, several fans were naturally surprised when they saw advertising and promos featuring Francesca as part of the Perfect Match line-up.

The two have been dating for almost a year and have many fans rooting for them (who wouldn’t?). They’re adorable), so why is Francesca on a dating program when her social media clearly shows she’s single?

Francesca Farago And Jesse Sullivan Are Deeply In Love In 2023


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Yes, Francesca and Jesse are still in a relationship. Perfect Match appears to have been shot in early 2022 before the couple met.

Francesca told Elite Daily that the two “fell in love instantly” after meeting at a Pride month event. Francesca and her partner have been practically inseparable since then, and a recent TikTok post suggests that the couple may be planning to elope shortly. Francesca has hinted that the couple is engaged or is on their way to being hired.

However, based on some of the comments on Francesca’s subsequent TikTok videos, her followers are confused about the Perfect Match timeline, wondering if she and Jesse were together during the program.

There are no spoilers here; however, given that Jesse isn’t in the cast, we may infer the couple met after that, and Francesca has confirmed this in multiple TikTok answers.

That means if Francesca Farago ends up with someone on the show, we already know they’ve broken up, and she’s gone on.

Francesca posted a TikTok video explaining what happened, stating that she did the show and that it might take a while for shows to air after filming and production.

She was unmarried during filming and did not date Jesse on the program, but they have been together for a long time and are pleased with the growth and relationships she formed on the show.

Is Too Hot To Handle Star Francesca Farago Still Dating TikTok Star Jesse Sullivan?

Francesca Farago also likened her Perfect Match experience to Too Hot to Handle, saying that she departed with some incredible friendships that she didn’t have on her first Netflix dating program.

Her recent Instagram Story, which shows her hanging out with Perfect Match castmates Dom Gabriel and Kariselle Snow, lends validity to this.

In any case, Jesse Sullivan appears to be completely confident in their relationship and supportive of Francesca’s participation in the dating program. He recently called Francesca his “ideal mate” in a cheeky Instagram post.

In short, yes, Francesca Farago And Jesse Sullivan are still together. We’ll have to wait and see what happens on the show and how all roads lead to Jesse!

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