Mike Vogel Wife
Mike Vogel Wife

Who Is Mike Vogel Wife? Does His Wife Have Social Media?

Mike Vogel portrays Cooper Connelly, Billie Connelly’s (Sarah Shahi) utterly uninteresting husband, in the popular Netflix series S*x/Life. S*x/fundamental Life’s tension begins with Billie’s need for more than what her husband can offer.

What are Mike’s chances of finding love in the real world? Are they the same as Cooper’s, or are they distinct?

Mike’s romantic history has been far more secure off-screen than Cooper’s. Mike’s marriage to his wife has lasted long and is still strong!

Who is the wife of Mike Vogel? What profession does she have? To learn more, keep reading.

‘S*x/Life’ Star Mike Vogel’s Wife Used To Be A Model

Michael wed Courtney Renee Rabourg back in 2003. While she no longer works in the high fashion industry, Mike’s wife was a model.

Since then, they have happily married and raised three kids together.

Mike Vogel Wife

Courtney and Mike welcomed their first child, a girl they named Cassy Vogel, into the world four years after they got married. They included Charlee Vogel, a second daughter, two years later.

Gabriel, the couple’s lone child, arrived in 2013.

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Does Mike’s Wife Have Social Media?

Thankfully, Mike has public social media accounts because Mike’s wife is gorgeous and a little mysterious. He’s hugely different from his anxious S*x/Life character in the Netflix series; he’s as much the adoring father and devoted spouse in real life.

Follow Mike on Instagram by going to @realmikevogel.

In one heartfelt post, Mike gave us some clues about how he met his wife in the first place. He wrote, “It is said that God closes one door and opens another … not usually on the same day, although 20 years ago he did.”

Mike talked about how his grandfather, who was extremely important to him, passed away the day before his audition for the television program Grounded for Life. “I almost didn’t go [to the audition] because I wanted to be there with him when he passed away,” the S*x/Life star admitted in her essay.

Michael made it to the audition and was able to be there for his grandfather that day. In the message, he said, “On that day, the door to one chapter of my life closed, and the beginning of everything else opened up. With that door opening, I was able to meet the woman of my dreams, [and] have three of THE MOST AMAZING kids, in the world.”

To put it another way, Mike’s family in real life is very different from Cooper’s on S*x/Life!

The S*x/Life actor also portrayed Blake Lively’s love interest in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, an interesting fact you might not be aware of!

It’s terrific that Mike, his wife’s intense longstanding love interest for 20 years and counting, is content in real life. Mike may be seen in S*x/Life Season 2, currently streaming on Netflix.

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