Joe Brown Controversy
Joe Brown Controversy

Judge Joe Brown Dispels Rumors of Him Assaulting Sheryl Lee Ralph!

The internet has a reputation for starting a few rumors, but Judge Joe Brown is responding. The well-known television judge is prominent since his program has been on television for a long time.

Brown has a reputation for being a law-abiding, no-nonsense character, but a recent narrative by an actress has disgraced his name.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, a legendary performer, recently went to Way Up with Angela Yee and disclosed that she had experienced sexual assault. She added that the person who attacked her was a well-known television judge.

“I’m at a very public place. I was suited,” she said. “I was handling my business for the television show I was on at that time. We were on the same network. This man walked in grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around and rammed his nasty ass tongue down my throat. And everybody at the network saw it.” Ralph added that she asked the mayor of New Orleans for assistance at the time. Ralph was about to move ahead when Moriel was ready to send the police over right now.

Judge Joe Brown Denies Allegations

“The mayor of New Orleans at the time was Marc Morial,” Ralph also said. “I called Marc Morial, he said ‘you want me to send the police there right now? ‘Cause we will fix his—you know what—right now.’ Somebody at the network tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Please don’t.’ Do you know that they did not want any bad press around their show and did not care what had just happened to me?” It didn’t take long for the internet to weigh in, and soon, Brown’s name was entangled in scandal. However, he emerged with a statement via Twitter denying any involvement.

Joe Brown Controversy

“There’re false rumors being spread that I mistreated a certain lady ≈ 25 yrs ago, he wrote. “I categorically deny both the accusations & acquaintance with the lady. Those rumors started with certain identified parties & spread. They ought ‘Cease & Desist’ or contemplate a Defamation Action.” Ralph never named her assailant or Brown during or after the interview. Additionally, Brown didn’t outright name Ralph, either.

An Instagram from wayupwithyee and power99philly’s official account remarked, “In @thesherylleeralph new  #Diva2.0, she briefly discusses her experiences with sexual harassment during her career. On #wayupwithangelayee she opens up on the impact of these events. Full interview @youtube”-

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Continuing To Defend His Name

Judge Joe Brown also responded to his followers who commented on his blog. He thanked his supporters for supporting him despite the reports and responded to queries from fans regarding the situation.

Ralph hasn’t yet addressed the rumors, and it doesn’t appear she will identify the attacker either. See the video above where Sheryl Lee Ralph describes her experience.

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