linzey rozon
linzey rozon

Linzey Rozon: A Passionate Equestrian and Loving Wife of Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon, best known for his role in the supernatural drama series Wynonna Earp, was born on June 4, 1976, in Montreal, Canada. From a young age, Tim displayed a passion for the arts and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts in fashion design. However, he soon discovered his true calling in acting and decided to embark on a career in the entertainment industry.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Tim Rozon’s acting journey began in 2000 with a supporting role in the British-American romantic drama “The Great Gatsby.” He later gained recognition through his recurring role in the teen drama “Instant Star.” While these early projects did not bring widespread fame, they paved the way for future opportunities.

Breakout Role in “Schitt’s Creek”

In 2015, Tim Rozon succeeded in his career by portraying Mutt Schitt in the acclaimed comedy series “Schitt’s Creek.” This role allowed him to showcase his talent for comedy and earned him a dedicated fan base. Following this success, he starred as Doc Holliday in the supernatural drama series “Wynonna Earp” and Luke Roman in “Surreal Estate,” further solidifying his status as a talented and versatile actor.

Family Life and Business Ventures

Tim Rozon is happily married to Linzey Rozon, an accomplished equestrian from Canada. The couple has been married since 2015 and shares a strong bond. They have a son together and enjoy a fulfilling family life.

In addition to his acting career, Tim is also involved in the restaurant industry. He co-owns a restaurant named Garde Manger in Montreal, which he runs alongside renowned Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes. This venture allows Tim to explore his passion for food and hospitality.

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Linzey Rozon: A Passionate Equestrian

Linzey Rozon, wife of Tim Rozon, is a talented equestrian from Canada. Born on May 16, 1985, in Quebec, Montreal, Linzey has been passionate about horses from a young age. Her grandmother and mother nurtured her love for these majestic animals, who shared the same passion.

A Skillful Rider and Trainer

Linzey Rozon is an expert equestrian owning, training, and riding horses. She displays exceptional skills and has also served as a tutor, guiding aspiring horse riders on their journey to mastery. One of her notable horses, Thunderbird, has won numerous horse-riding competitions.

Family and Personal Life

Linzey was born to Peter Govan and Catherine Govan, and she has a sister named Ashley and a brother named James. Linzey’s mother, Catherine, tragically died in a devastating vehicle accident in 2012. Despite this profound loss, Linzey embraces her passion for horses and remains dedicated to her equestrian pursuits.

A Loving Marriage with Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon and Linzey Rozon have been happily married for seven years. They tied the knot on September 6, 2015, in a beautiful ceremony held at Ste. Agathe des Montes in Quebec, Canada. Surrounded by their loved ones, the couple exchanged vows at Le Bremner, a popular Montreal restaurant.

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Sharing Love and Joy

Tim and Linzey Rozon have a solid and affectionate bond, evident in the beautiful moments they share on social media. They openly express their love for each other, celebrating birthdays and special occasions. Their fans delight in witnessing their happiness and love for one another.

The Future Ahead

Tim Rozon continues to make waves in the acting world, showcasing his talent and versatility, and as Linzey Rozon excels in her equestrian pursuits, their journey as a couple promises to be filled with love, support, and shared accomplishments. With their enduring commitment to each other and their respective passions, they inspire others to pursue their dreams and cherish the beauty of life.

Linzey Govan Rozon: Motherhood and Family Life

Linzey Govan Rozon, the loving wife of actor Tim Rozon, embraced motherhood after four years of marriage. In 2019, Linzey and Tim announced their excitement about becoming first-time parents. The couple’s joy was realized in 2020 when Linzey gave birth to a baby boy. While they have chosen to keep their son’s name private, the couple occasionally shares adorable photos of their little one with their fans.

A Cherished Blessing

Linzey and Tim’s son has now reached the age of two. The couple has made a conscious decision to protect their child’s privacy and shield him from social media influences. Despite this, they have graciously shared glimpses of their cute child with their devoted fanbase, receiving an outpouring of love and blessings.

Age Difference: Linzey Rozon and Tim Rozon

Linzey Rozon, born on May 16, 1985, is nine years younger than her husband Tim, born on June 4, 1976. With Tim currently at 46 years old and Linzey at 37 years old, their age difference adds to the uniqueness of their relationship.

A Love That Spanned a Decade

The couple’s romantic journey began in 2010 when Linzey was 25, and Tim was 34. Their love deepened over the years, leading them to exchange vows in marriage. By the time they walked down the aisle, Linzey was 30, and Tim was 39, solidifying their commitment to each other and laying the foundation for a lifetime of happiness.

Linzey Rozon on Instagram: @linzeyg

Linzey Rozon maintains an active presence on Instagram under the username @linzeyg. Her Instagram account is a platform to share glimpses of her family and professional life. Linzey often posts photos of her loved ones, giving fans an intimate look into their lives. Her account also showcases her love for animals, particularly horses.

A Beautiful Family Bond

In her Instagram posts, Linzey frequently tags her husband Tim’s profile, who goes by the handle @realtimrozon. Together, they curate a digital space that reflects their shared love, joy, and appreciation for their family. While Linzey appears primarily active on Instagram, she does not maintain a strong presence on other social media platforms.

Linzey’s Instagram profile boasts 793 posts, and she has garnered 3,863 followers, which continues to grow. Her engaging content and personal shares have captivated her audience, fostering a sense of connection and admiration among her fans.

Embracing the Joys of Parenthood

As Linzey Govan Rozon embraces the joys of motherhood, she and Tim continue cultivating a loving and supportive family environment. Their decision to shield their son from public exposure underscores their commitment to providing him with a nurturing and private upbringing. Through their social media presence, they share glimpses of their happiness, inviting fans to join their journey while cherishing their precious moments as a family.


When was Tim Rozon born?

Tim Rozon was born on June 4, 1976.

What is Linzey Rozon’s profession?

Linzey Rozon is an equestrian from Canada.

How long have Tim and Linzey been married?

Tim and Linzey have been married since 2015.

Do Tim and Linzey have any children?

Yes, Tim and Linzey have a son together.

What is the age difference between Tim and Linzey?

Linzey Rozon is nine years younger than Tim Rozon.

Does Linzey Rozon have a social media presence?

Yes, Linzey Rozon is active on Instagram under the username @linzeyg.

What is the name of Tim and Linzey’s restaurant?

Tim Rozon co-owns a restaurant named Garde Manger in Montreal.

What is Linzey’s passion besides being an equestrian?

Linzey Rozon has a passion for animals, particularly horses.

What is the age of Tim and Linzey’s son?

Their son is currently two years old.

How many followers does Linzey Rozon have on Instagram?

Linzey Rozon currently has 3,863 followers on Instagram.

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