Apple announces iOS 17 update

Ios 17 Upgrade, Release Date Announced by Apple Ahead of Iphone ‘wonderlust’ Event

While everyone was watching Apple’s “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday, the Silicon Valley firm finally announced when its new operating system would be available to the public.

New capabilities for a variety of iPhones, including the iPhone 15, will be available in iOS 17, which is scheduled for release on September 18 by Apple. All of the iPhone’s features, including calling, texting, and apps, have been updated.

Additionally, the iPhone and AirPods Pro will receive brand new features and settings with the release of iOS 17. Learn all about iOS 17 right here!

What New Features Are a Part of Ios 17?

If you place your iPhone on its side to charge, you can put it in standby mode. The phone’s widgets, clock, and photo gallery may all be accessed in this mode. The new OS will also have real-time voicemail filtering. To help users decide whether or not to answer a voicemail, this function provides a real-time transcript of the message.

Apple announces iOS 17 update

Users can mirror their FaceTime conversations on an AppleTV. The iPhone or iPad will act as the sender’s camera, but receivers will view their feeds on the bigger display. iPhone owners will soon be able to swap contact details simply by holding up their devices to one another, thanks to the new NameDrop function, which evolved from the existing AirDrop feature.

What Changes Will Be Made to Iphones With Ios 17?

If a caller uses FaceTime and no one answers, they can now leave a video message. The messages will work like a voicemail, and the caller will have access to the same variety of video effects as in a regular FaceTime conversation. It will also be possible for iOS 17 users to set their devices to automatically mute FaceTime calls from strangers.

The phone app for iPhones now allows users to customize visual notifications when they receive a call from a specific person. The upgrade will also enhance Autocorrect and predictive text.

What Will Ios 17 Improve in Airpods?

The AirPod Pro’s Adaptive Audio feature will be made available after the upgrade. This setting will automatically adjust the media volume and noise cancellation to the user’s current environment. In addition, iOS 17 will feature a Conversation Awareness mode that automatically adjusts the volume to your surroundings and boosts the voices of the people talking to you.

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