The Actress Nicole Eggert Says, I Regretted Joining 'Baywatch'

The Actress Nicole Eggert Says, “I Regretted Joining ‘Baywatch'”

‘Baywatch’ co-star Nicole Eggert has spoken about how self-conscious she felt in her character Summer Quinn’s costumes. The 52-year-old actress appeared in both seasons of the popular television series. But she had no idea she would end up being a “Baywatch” lifeguard back then.

I was like, “Whoops,” because all the girls were so slim and toned from working out. Not to mention how unflattering the one-piece swimsuits were. I was completely against donning it. It wasn’t at all what I had anticipated.

They were playing a very different kind of game, and I didn’t want to be a part of it, she told People. Overwhelmed by criticism of her onscreen persona, 18-year-old Nicole decided to get breast implants.

She has now encouraged other young women to fight the urge to have cosmetic surgery, a decision that the actress came to deeply regret. Nicole expressed her disapproval, saying, “God, leave your bodies alone!” when she saw younger girls engaging in the activity.

The Actress Nicole Eggert Says, I Regretted Joining 'Baywatch'

The problem arises, though, when you’re required to wear a one-piece and your flatness causes the garment to pleat across the front. “What the fuck is this?” you ask. Your options are limited. No amount of stuffing will work. Nothing can be done.

It was a stupid 18-year-old decision.” Nicole, meantime, broke the news of her breast cancer diagnosis earlier this month. According to, she received the news of her breast cancer diagnosis in early December: stage 2, cribriform carcinoma.

The actress expressed her concern that her daily routine would be disrupted if she were to become ill or hospitalized, saying, “My fear is that my everyday hustle, everything that I do to keep everything going will come to a screeching halt when I’m not feeling well”.

I am doing my best to keep from collapsing under the weight of it all. I freak out when I lay down for the night because I wonder who will pay all the bills. “Who’s gonna take care of everything?”

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