Angelina Jolie Warns Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend

Angelina Jolie Tells Ines De Ramon, Brad Pitt’s Fiancée, to Keep Out of Her Children!

As things get hot between Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon, Angelina Jolie, his ex-wife, tells Brad’s girlfriend to stay away from their kids. For In Touch’s exclusive information, a source says that Angie, 48, still has a lot of power over Brad and that she doesn’t let her kids hang out with Ines, 31.

Ines really wants to meet the kids, but she knows that Brad has to do anything to get to see them without Angelina getting in the way.” People magazine said on February 15 that Ines had moved in with Brad, 60, after dating for almost two years.

However, insiders have told In Touch that Brad’s jewelry designer always leaves his Los Feliz, California, home about 20 minutes before his kids get there to spend time with their dad. This is to make sure that the kids don’t run into Dad’s live-in lover. The two ex-costars from Mr. & Mrs. Smith have six children together: Maddox, 21, Pax, 19, Zahara, 18, Shiloh, 17, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 15.

In 2005, when Brad and Angelina started going out together, she already had Maddox. After that, they adopted Zahara, had Shiloh in 2006, then adopted Pax, and in 2008, the twins were born to complete their family.

After being together for almost 10 years, Angelina and Brad finally got married in 2014. However, in September 2016, Angelina filed for divorce. After a nasty divorce and a fight over who would have custody of their kids, Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are now adults, but their court battle over their kids is still going on.

Angelina Jolie Warns Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend

In December 2016, Angelina got full control of their kids, while Brad was allowed to see them sometimes. In the years that followed, the actor’s relationships with his kids got very tense. Maddox spoke out at his parents’ custody case in March 2021, and Pax was said to have slammed his dad the year before.

“Happy Father’s Day to this world-class a–hole!” Pax reportedly wrote in a resurfaced Instagram Story from 2020, which was shared by The Daily Mail in November 2023. “You time and time again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person.

You have no consideration or empathy towards your 4 youngest children who tremble in fear when in your presence. You will never understand the damage you’ve done to my family because you are incapable of doing so.

You have made the lives of those closest to me a constant hell. You may tell yourself and the world whatever you want, but the truth will come to light someday. So, happy Father’s Day, you f–king awful human being!!!”

Pax wasn’t the only one who made fun of his dad. Sister Zahara dropped the last name Pitt when she joined the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha at Spelman College, which was caught on video.

Hello, my name is Zahara Marley Jolie. “And [I] landed from the Golden State in the city full of angels: Los Angeles, California,” she said in the video from November 2023. This seemed to imply that she and the Fight Club actor were not close.

Brad is said to have tried to do the right thing by his kids, and Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne seem to get along better with him than with their other brothers.

After being seen together for the first time in November 2022, Brad and Ines have continued to spend quiet times together in public. The breakup with Angelina made Brad “cynical,” and he “values his privacy” more than ever, according to a different source who spoke to In Touch earlier this month.

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