Video of Jennifer Aniston Challenging Her Workout on Monday: You Just Gotta Do It!

Jennifer Aniston is still working out in the morning. The 55-year-old actress shared a video on Instagram on Monday of her tough functional exercise routine with Dani Coleman, her Pvolve trainer.

The star of “The Morning Show works out hard in the clip by doing mountain climbers and balancing steps. She starts to do push-ups but then falls to the ground while her teacher laughs.

Aniston sighed deeply and fell to the ground, saying, “Oh god.” “You know those days when you don’t want to do anything?” “You have to do it.” Under the picture, she wrote, “If you’re having one of THOSE Mondays, I FEEL YOU  Just gotta do it!!” “Thank you @pvolve.”

“Cheers to the hardest-working human!” Coleman wrote in the comments section to praise Aniston for making it through the workout. “(and funniest )”

Aniston and Coleman talked to PEOPLE in August about the actress’s exercise secrets. She told them she felt “stronger than I’ve ever felt before.”

Jennifer Aniston Shares Videos

Aniston’s new exercise mindset came about after she hurt her back in 2021 and had to change how she worked out. She said she learned that she needs to be kinder to her body.

We used to think, ‘We have to hurt.’ No pain, no gain.'” This will help you start out slowly,” the former Friends star said at the time. Coleman also told PEOPLE that Aniston “leans toward intense workouts, but she knows she doesn’t have to hurt herself to see results.”

The key, she said, is to work quickly. “When we work out, I carefully plan each session and focus on simple but effective moves that work for every muscle group. Core work is a must!”

“Jen loves a challenge,” Coleman said, adding that Aniston and Coleman work out together up to three times a week when she’s not traveling.

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