Bay St Louis Police Killed
Bay St Louis Police Killed

Has Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Objected To Bay St Louis Police Killed In The State?

Bay St Louis Police Killed: Authorities have verified that two law enforcement officers were murdered in a shooting early Wednesday morning at Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. According to the officials, the cops were responding to a complaint for a welfare check made to the Bay St. Louis Police Department from the motel, located along a portion of Interstate Highway 90 that passes through the city on the Gulf Coast.

According to a statement released by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the two officers who were shot and killed were named Branden Estorffe, age 23, and Steven Robin, age 34.

According to the department, the law enforcement officials arrived at Motel 6 on Wednesday morning before 4:30 local time. The officers then came across a suspect, who they later determined to be Amy Anderson, age 43, occupying a parked vehicle with a female underage passenger.

According to a statement released by the DPS, the officers spoke with Anderson for close to half an hour before contacting the state Department of Child Protection Services. Anderson shot both cops while he was still inside the vehicle.

Authorities have verified that Officer Robin passed away at the spot, while Officer Estorffe succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday morning. According to the department, Anderson also passed away at the site from a gunshot wound to the chest. The authorities initially stated that she had committed suicide, but further investigation revealed that she had died from the injury.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is “currently assessing this critical incident and gathering evidence,” according to a statement released by the state’s Department of Public Safety. The idea added that additional information would be public once the investigation had concluded.

According to the information provided by the department, after the investigation has been concluded, the agents working for the state bureau will deliver their findings to the office of the state’s attorney general.

Has Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Objected To Bay St Louis Police Killed In The State?

“I am grieved by this horrible loss of two brave law enforcement officers,” he said in part in the letter he sent out this morning. “Early this morning, two Bay St. Louis Police officers were tragically shot and murdered in the line of duty.” I pray for their loved ones, friends, and colleagues in law enforcement, as well as for the entire town of Bay St. Louis.

Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line daily across Mississippi, repeatedly doing acts of selfless sacrifice to benefit the communities they serve.”

Bay St Louis Police Killed
Bay St Louis Police Killed

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In addition, Mayor Mike Favre of Bay St. Louis stated in response to the incident, which was included in the news release that the Department of Public Safety issued on Wednesday.

According to Favre, “This is a very tragic circumstance, and our greatest thoughts and condolences go out to the families of our deceased policemen.” “This is a terrible scenario.” “During this difficult time, we ask that you pray for the City of Bay St. Louis, the Bay St. Louis Police Department, and their families and keep them in your thoughts throughout the following days and weeks.”

Chief Toby Schwartz of the Bay St. Louis Police Agency issued a different statement in which he referred to the situation as “a tragedy.” He also referred to Estorffe and Robin as two of the “finest” officers working for the police department.

Schwartz continued, “We will ensure a comprehensive investigation into this incident, and we are now gathering facts.”

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