Brandi Wilson Divorce
Brandi Wilson Divorce

Brandi Wilson Divorce: What Did She Do After the Divorce?

Brandi Wilson is an author, coach, and speaker who has been in leadership for over a decade at Leading and Loving It, a non-profit created to empower women to love life and ministry. She is also the ex-wife of Pete Wilson, the former pastor of Cross Point Church, a megachurch in Nashville, Tennessee.

What Happened to Pete Wilson and Cross Point Church?

Pete Wilson was the founding pastor of Cross Point Church, which he started in 2002 with his wife Brandi and a few friends. The church grew to have multiple campuses and thousands of attendees. Pete Wilson was also a best-selling author and a popular speaker at Christian conferences.

However, in September 2016, Pete Wilson announced that he was stepping down from his position as pastor because he was “leading on empty” and needed to take a break from ministry. He said he had been struggling with depression, anxiety, and exhaustion for a long time and felt unable to lead the church effectively.

How Did Brandi Wilson React to Pete Wilson’s Resignation?

Brandi Wilson was shocked and devastated by Pete Wilson’s decision to leave the church and their family. She said she had no idea he was unhappy or planning to quit. She said she felt betrayed, abandoned, and confused by his actions. She also said she had to deal with the grief and loss of her marriage, ministry, and community.

Brandi Wilson said she relied on her faith and her friends to help her cope with the pain and the challenges of being a single mom to their three sons. She said she confronted her sorrow head-on and learned how to rise from it. She said she realized that she was devastated but not destroyed.

What Did Brandi Wilson Do After the Divorce?

Brandi Wilson decided to continue her involvement in Leading and Loving It, a non-profit organization she co-founded with Lori Wilhite, the wife of Jud Wilhite, the pastor of Central Church in Las Vegas. Leading and Loving It provides resources, coaching, and events for women in ministry and leadership roles.

Brandi Wilson also wrote a book called Better Than Okay: Finding Hope and Healing After Your Marriage Ends, released by Bethany House on July 11, 2023. In the book, she shares her story of divorce and recovery and offers practical advice and encouragement for other women going through similar situations.

Brandi Wilson’s Divorce and Recovery from Adversity: A Story of Hope

What Did Brandi Wilson Learn From the Divorce?

Brandi learned that her marriage or her ministry did not define her. She learned that she was still loved by God and by others. She learned she had a purpose and a calling beyond being a pastor’s wife. She learned that she could still lead and serve others despite her circumstances. She learned she was stronger than she thought and could overcome any challenge with God’s help.

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What is Pete Wilson Doing Now?

Pete Wilson has not spoken publicly about his divorce or reasons for leaving Cross Point Church. However, some sources have reported that he works as a long-distance pastor for Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. He is allegedly a teaching pastor and a pastor of small groups, but he still lives in Nashville, where he works at The A Group, a marketing agency for churches and ministries. After leaving his wife and family, some critics have questioned his integrity and qualifications as a pastor.


Brandi Wilson’s divorce from Pete Wilson was a painful and unexpected event that changed her life drastically. However, she did not let it define or stop her from pursuing her calling. She found hope and healing in God and her community of women leaders. She also wrote a book to inspire and help women facing divorce or other hardships. Brandi Wilson’s story is one of resilience, grace, and faith.

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