'SNL' host Ayo Edebiri
'SNL' host Ayo Edebiri

‘SNL’ host Ayo Edebiri: Claims J.Lo’s Career is a ‘Scam’ and Wins Internet Support

‘SNL’ host Ayo Edebiri: A video of “The Bear” actress Ayo Edebiri discussing Jennifer Lopez’s lengthy singing career surfaced, and the fandom is going ballistic in support of their beloved “Irish” celebrity.

Just in time for Lopez’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting appearance with Edebiri as a musical guest, TMZ resurrected a tape of the “Bottoms” actor from 2020’s “Scam Goddess” podcast, when he referred to Lopez’s career as “one long scam” while discussing the “I’m Real” singer’s Super Bowl LIV performance.

According to Edebiri, Lopez “thinks” she’s singing in some of her songs, but the singer utilizes “it’s not her” instead. This is in line with allegations that Lopez employs anonymous background vocalists.

In an interview with co-host Laci Mosely, Edebiri says, “I think she thinks she’s still good even though she’s not singing for most of these songs.” Mosely concurs with the actor.

Some X users rushed to Edebiri’s rescue as soon as the tape aired again, however, it is unknown why TMZ did so. TMZ is helpless against Ayo Edebiri and her suitcase. “Where is the lie here? God, the Republic of Ireland, millions of Nigerian WhatsApp accounts, and the Truth itself are protecting that lady,” exclaimed one popular X post.

'SNL' host Ayo Edebiri
‘SNL’ host Ayo Edebiri

If you think J.Lo can’t sing, you’re not alone (Edebiri included). The fan-made idea that Lopez employs “ghost singers” has been circulating since the beginning of her career. The suspicions have been fueled by other musicians who claim that Lopez used their vocals in her music production, such as Ashanti and Christina Milian.

“Desperately trying to make a scandal out of someone saying JLo can’t sing is like trying to make a scandal out of someone saying Gal Gadot can’t act,” a user commented on X.

The Grammy-nominated singer was defended by several, who urged for greater respect for her. Concerning Lopez’s reaction, the singer has previously stated in interviews that the claims that she cannot sing have harmed her but that she has ignored them.

Edebiri jokingly told Lopez, “I love your everything.” in a newly released “SNL” promotional video, suggesting that the two were friendly.

We’ll find out if Jenny from the Block makes a triumphant return or if Edebiri’s remarks are used as humorous fodder for a Saturday Night Live opening monologue. When Business Insider reached out to Edebiri and Lopez for comment, neither one got back to them right once.

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