Wendy Williams Reveals She's Broke
Wendy Williams Reveals She's Broke

Wendy Williams Loses It All and Says She Has “No Money” Left!

A new documentary trailer for Where Is Wendy Williams? has been released by Lifetime. The former daytime talk show host, whose much-loved show was discontinued in 2021 due to rumors of her deteriorating health, appears to be plainly struggling in the trailer.

Williams’ loved ones are saying in the video that they are worried her team is taking advantage of the fact that she is a financial guardian by court order. Williams claims to be in serious financial trouble; she frequently looks bewildered and distraught in the trailers.

Williams says, “I have no money,” during a talking head interview. “Listen, if this happens to me, it might happen to you as well.

Wells Fargo sought a New York court order to designate a financial guardian for Williams in February 2022, following the bank’s determination that the talk show host was a “incapacitated person.”

Williams wed an NYPD cop in August of that year, and one month later she allegedly entered into rehab to deal with her alcoholism. Her 14 seasons of hosting The Wendy Williams Show were well-received by viewers who enjoyed her scathing commentary on culture. Williams has struggled with hyperthyroidism, Graves’ illness, and a cocaine addiction that lasted ten years.

According to Kevin Hunter Jr., who is Williams’ son, “She always talks about how she wants to work, but I feel as though she’s worked enough” (according to the trailer).

Wendy Williams Reveals She's Broke

A disturbing scenario also involves Williams’ manager, Will Selby, who confronts the talk show host by holding an empty bottle of whiskey and asking, “Did you drink this whole thing today?”

In response, Williams says, “Keep it there, keep it there,” while lying in bed. Williams later admits she doesn’t know where she is while being chauffeured around New York City.

Reportedly, producers of Wendy Williams’ show had to text executives at Debmar-Mercury “at least 25” times in the year leading up to her show’s cancelation in 2021 to inquire as to whether she was sober enough to tape.

Two other projects by Lifetime have focused on Williams’ personal struggles. One of them was Wendy Williams: The Movie, which aired in 2021 and followed Williams’ life after she filed for a divorce from Kevin Hunter in 2019 due to rumors of his adultery. A documentary titled Wendy Williams: What a Mess was also released that year by Lifetime.

Williams had been to a wellness treatment center multiple times in the past few years, so when Selby informed Entertainment Tonight in June 2023 that Williams was “doing her best to be her best,” it was clear that Williams had returned.

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