Demi Moore Joins 'Landman' Series

Demi Moore’s ‘Landman’ Debut Adds Taylor Sheridan to the Cast

The Landman cast now includes Demi Moore.

Moore and Billy Bob Thornton will feature in a new series from Taylor Sheridan, who co-created Yellowstone, according to a press statement from Paramount+ on Wednesday.

Bosque Ranch Productions, 101 Studios, MTV Entertainment Studios, and Sheridan and Christian Wallace are the producers of Landman.

A modern-day tale of fortune-seeking in the world of oil rigs” in West Texas’s boomtowns is the plot of the show, which is adapted from the podcast Boomtown.

The novel Landman is “an upstairs/downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big, it’s reshaping our climate, our economy and our geopolitics,” according to an official summary.

Moore will portray Cami, a friend of Tommy Norris’s (Thornton) and the wife of a powerful oilman in Texas.

Demi Moore Joins 'Landman' Series

Demona Moore is a legendary and exceptional performer, according to Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios.

“We are thrilled to have her join Billy Bob Thornton and the star-studded cast of Landman, our next epic series from Taylor Sheridan.”

Paulina Chávez, James Jordan, Mark Collie, Michelle Randolph, Jacob Lofland, and Kayla Wallace are also part of the cast. Filming has begun in the Fort Worth, Texas area for Landman. Paramount+ has not yet revealed when the debut will be.

Special Ops: Lioness, Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the Yellowstone spinoffs 1923 and 1883, and several Sheridan’s other Paramount+ programs are also available.

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